Beta Features

The team is driven to implement new features and make them available as fast as possible. We usually release new features in the beta state to allow all users to test them. When the feature is stable it may be promoted and officially supported.

Please be aware that beta features may change without prior notice.


Webhooks are a simple mechanism to forward messages published to to multiple HTTP endpoints to process them further. They have been added as a mechanism to bridge the HTTP and MQTT protocol.

Webhooks can be configured in the “Namespace Settings” under the tab “Webhooks”. You need to specify a topic filter that matches incoming messages, the URL of your HTTP endpoint, a “Content-Type” as well as the body that should be sent in the request. The later can be customized using {TOPIC} and {PAYLOAD} placeholder variables.

Unique Client IDs

Unique Client IDs allow the enforcement of unique client ids of MQTT clients. Enabling this will allow the usage of persistent sessions, stored subscriptions, and offline messages.

You can opt-in to unique clients by enabling it in the “Namespace Settings” under the “Info” tab. After the setting has been enabled it will apply to all newly connecting clients. The platform will check if there are persistent sessions available upon connection and if found restored the session and resubscribe stored subscriptions. However, subscriptions to system topics are not restored.