Platform Changelog

A log of addition and changes to the platform.

22. February, 2019

  • The $events system topic payloads have been updated.
  • Initial documentation of error codes has been added.

5. February, 2019

  • The keep alive interval for MQTT connections has been limited to 5 minutes. Clients that specify a higher or infinite interval will now be terminated if they do not send a packet within 5 minutes.

28. January, 2019

  • Publish rate metrics for connections have been temporarily removed. We will add them back in the future based on the connection name to guarantee continuous metrics over reconnects.

25. January, 2019

  • The host received a new IP address and TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  • The dynamic rate limit has been set to 25 for all accounts. See Limitations for more information.
  • Full support for offline messages has been enabled for namespaces that use “Unique Client IDs”.
  • Actions are now distributed as events. See System Topics for more information.

31. October, 2018

  • System topic payloads are now officially documented.
  • The $events message payload encoding has been changed to JSON from msgpack.

23. October, 2018

  • Beta support for “Unique Client IDs” has been added.
  • Browser support for IE9 and IE10 has been dropped.

11. October, 2018

  • The Broker HTTP API has been changed to return a “204 No Content” response for GET requests that do not return a message.
  • The Broker HTTP API now accepts the qos and retain query parameters.
  • Start of the Platform Changelog.